Sunday, March 9, 2008

When will it end?


After reading a few articles related to public smoking. I agree its a bad habit and unhealthy I wont argu that point. But the amount of places you cant smoke is becoming more and more like prohibition and does seem to take away some rights and maybe even reaching into prejudice not to mention the money cultivation thru taxes.
We can't smoke in resturants, bars, some open air places as in outside a building, and many more. Now I agree with the no smoking in a building, thats all fine and dandy, but when I cant go outside and smoke? Everywhere is going non smoking, what about smokers? do we not get a place to sit and smoke with other smokers if we want? But then you hear the employee's will suffer. Well, if you dont smoke dont get a job in a smoking workplace.
I suppose the reason I even bring this up is after four days of being at a hospital with sick kids, and discovering you cant smoke on their property, even if your sitting in Your car. Plus that their "area of non smoking" is roughly two square miles ,it leaves walking to an area impossiable.
For those that dont smoke this is fine, and I agree with it to a degree, even if the smoking area was in the morgue where it wouldnt bother anyone, would of been fine with me.

I am waiting for the crime rate to increase since its proven most low income families smoke, so why is the goverment milking more and more money from the poor? Well I have a theory!
You see they cant just say smoking is illegal for one (read about liquor prohibition) and two they make money soo much money. Many years ago some states where given money to use towards health care and such from the tobacoo companies, in a payoff from legal lawsuits in order to put togather stop smoking clinics and towards health care. What did those states use that money for? Yup they invested it back into the tabacco company stocks.
The way things are going its not completely insane to think at some point you will not be able to smoke in your backyard or your house, Smoking while driving will be ticketable, and youll have to rent a special room from either the tobacco co. or the goverment to go and smoke in.

I guess ill end this rant by saying, yes I know its bad for my health, Yes I know it will shorten my life and makes my clothes stink, And i am completely all for stopping smoking in youths.
But the goverment has to make up its mind, is it legal or illegal. Give up the money train completely and stop milking the population and forcing them into corrals like cattle to smoke, or just say its legal and if you smoke your not covered by certain medical insurances.

Yes there should be seperate areas to smoke in I dont want to invade on someone elses right to not smoke, but dont invade on mine by saying there is no where in a two square mile area i can smoke in.


Delirious said...

I hate smoking with a passiong, and wish that there was some way to eliminate it from the face of the earth. But having said that, I agree, since it is legal, you should be able to smoke outside. It's crazy to not allow it in the parking lot. Our hospital actually has an open air garden that is in the center of the hospital, outside. Patients and visitors are allowed to go out there to smoke.

GoodyMom1 said...

having walked into a building and held my breath through the visible cloud of smoke hanging just outside the door, and having a husband and at least one child allergic to cigarette smoke (like to the point of vomiting), i can see why a hospital would want to avoid any potential for that type of contamination. with seriously ill individuals, especially any sort of upper respiratory disorder or cancer, keeping any potential health risk at bay would be the hospital's first concern. and as far as the parking lot, there have been times when i have rolled up the windows in my car at a stop light because my son complained about the odor from a neighboring car, just from that short period of time - i'd hate to think how the intensity would compound by sitting in the stationary car without the motion-breeze to clear the air... i certainly would walk my kids across the other side of the parkinglot if i saw you there smoking.

as far as locations of voluntary attendance, such as bars, restaurants, etc., one can choose to attend or not attend as one wishes, but a hospital is generally not a voluntary trip, and to be involuntarily subjected to a known carcinogen, allergen, pollutant, etc... sorry, but i side with the hospital on this one.

your addiction, you deal with it. :-P