Monday, May 5, 2008

Is there life out there?


I suppose the real question is, could the life that is out there reach us?

I am fairly certain that most people out there have some belief that in the infinity of space that something else has evolved (or been created).
The following are my thoughts on this issue.
I am positive life exists out there and we are not the fluke accident some people think that life is more common then we think. Even if there is only a 1 in a billion billons chance of life to be on another rock hurtling thru the cosmos, their are more then enough stars, moons, and planetoids, to have many planets with some form of life.
Now, are all these scattered planets flying around in space teaming life? I have to say no. Most likely a vast majority are bacteria, maybe a few with single cell creatures, even fewer with animals, large amounts of foliage , and a rare few with life that can be called sentient.
Why alot of life and such little sentient beings you ask? well my thought is between solar winds stripping away the atmosphere, and comet,asteriod impacts. Along with stars have a varity of life spans and the end of a suns life is rather destructive. This would cut down the chance for life to be around long enough to become self aware and thus sentient.
Now lets say , okay the planet has been good, life went well, and finally their are what could call sentient beings on it. Look at our world for refrence of this, Chances are War, pollution, religious diffrences, over population, famine, and disease are good examples of how life can be snuffed out by its own hand. Just disease alone "Bubonic Plague In five years 25 million people were dead--one-third of Europe's people. Pollution radioactive accidents Chernobyl , Three Mile Island.
Now if life managed to make it thru all this and finally reach space (like we have yea go us!) you have the problem of distance and speed to reach much of anything else beyond your planets moon. Even traveling at the speed of light 670,616,629.4 miles per hour in a vaccum, now lets look at the closest star Alpha Centauri C, GJ 551 it would take 4.24 years to get there at light speed, not bad huh? But considering the size of the known universe the odds of life being in that system is low (but not impossiable) even slimmer if you throw sentient life in there. So you would be romaing the universe for a ver long time even at the speed of light to find something (atleast i think)
What if we heard them first!? Radio, some other kind of wave band discharged out from their world to ours. Well i would think unless they knew we where there the chance of the radio or other wave length/beam of energy hitting earth so it could be recieved is even a smaller chanced of their being sentient life out there someplace again due to the large amount of void your talking about, and even if it hit our world who is to say its in some frequency, or some method of contact that we either havent discovered yet or something we couldnt ever discover cause we lack a certain resource on out world.
Marconi transmitted the first radio waves that contained information in about the year 1895. Those radio waves today would have traveled 111 light years , to reach the closest largest galaxy will take 2.5 million light years (Andromeda), not to mention its believed that once radio signals leave our planet they would be hard to distinguish between background radiation.
So my summary is:
Yes there are planets out there that support basic life bacteria.
Yes there are planets out there that support single cell creatures, animals, and foliage.
Yes there are a very few planets that support sentient beings.
Yes there is a minute chance there are some race out there that have space flight and even
inhabit more then one planet from their space exploration.
No i dont think they been probin people abducting people, or mutilating cows and sheep.
The amount of time to travel is just to great. even if they could achieve 2x the speed of light 1.25 million years to come from the closest galaxy is just not beleiveable. and if they where in our own galaxy, (which i doubt) everyone would of seen them flying around , or they would of colonized here as well and either lived with us, or cleansed the planet of us.
No one will ever really know how many sentient lifes came before us, or that will come after us. but i am fairly certain someplace in the universe there will always be some form of life at any time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Election time is getting closer the soap-opera gets good.

I love this time of year.
Some of the campaign commericals and debats are better then many of the esteemed SuperBowl commerical.
But in all honesty I rather hear what the real issues and plans are then what they did good or bad in last thirty years plus. From who gave the most in charities to who lied about what. Who is gay who wasnt in the military, and the all important who smoked pot but didnt inhale.
I havent heard a thing about bringing back US companies, plans on strengthening the dollar, universal health care, cheaper medications so the elderly dont have to decide to eat or take their heart pill, better treatment of Veterans medical and housing wise, educations complete overhaul which really needs to be done for the leader of the free world our kids are stupid compared to many countries. So many important topics and instead we hear Obama gives to chairty (he could of gave his 25 million campaign fund to a charity that would of been a real act of giving), Hillary's husbands adventures (not sure how her husbands adventures should reflect on her although if she dumped him to the curb it probably would of helped.), Mitt Romney is a Mormon (since when was religion a requirment to be president in a land where religious freedom is promoted?) and the list goes on.

There use to be but two requirements
1:One must also be at least 35 years old (although most seem to be 50+)
2:Only native-born U.S. citizens (or those born abroad, but only to parents who were both citizens of the U.S.)
There now seems to be a few more.
3:Need atleast 20 million dollars (fundraising anyone?)
Sen. Hillary Clinton ($26 million), Sen. Barack Obama ($25 million), Mitt Romney ($23 million) and Rudy Guiliani ($15 million). Poor Abraham never would make it today coming from a log cabin.
4: You need to taunt,make fun of, and try to destroy your rival utterly, so that even after the election their occupation and family life will never be the same.
So we seem to be stuck with older then 35 and normally out of touch with what is going on in the world today, and the cream of the rich who think four dollars a gallon for gas is normal, and milk should be equal to gas in value.
How nice it would be to see someone run for president and not run a smear campaign, have commericals that explain his position and thoughts on events, and is young and poor enough to understand what the country is really going thru and what is on the minds of the people.
So sadly when this election is over, we will return to watching what britney spears, and paris hilton are doing, and watching all the other violence on the news.
If only the Wigs had not formed the first party, then our goverment would of been party free as it was intended.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

When will it end?


After reading a few articles related to public smoking. I agree its a bad habit and unhealthy I wont argu that point. But the amount of places you cant smoke is becoming more and more like prohibition and does seem to take away some rights and maybe even reaching into prejudice not to mention the money cultivation thru taxes.
We can't smoke in resturants, bars, some open air places as in outside a building, and many more. Now I agree with the no smoking in a building, thats all fine and dandy, but when I cant go outside and smoke? Everywhere is going non smoking, what about smokers? do we not get a place to sit and smoke with other smokers if we want? But then you hear the employee's will suffer. Well, if you dont smoke dont get a job in a smoking workplace.
I suppose the reason I even bring this up is after four days of being at a hospital with sick kids, and discovering you cant smoke on their property, even if your sitting in Your car. Plus that their "area of non smoking" is roughly two square miles ,it leaves walking to an area impossiable.
For those that dont smoke this is fine, and I agree with it to a degree, even if the smoking area was in the morgue where it wouldnt bother anyone, would of been fine with me.

I am waiting for the crime rate to increase since its proven most low income families smoke, so why is the goverment milking more and more money from the poor? Well I have a theory!
You see they cant just say smoking is illegal for one (read about liquor prohibition) and two they make money soo much money. Many years ago some states where given money to use towards health care and such from the tobacoo companies, in a payoff from legal lawsuits in order to put togather stop smoking clinics and towards health care. What did those states use that money for? Yup they invested it back into the tabacco company stocks.
The way things are going its not completely insane to think at some point you will not be able to smoke in your backyard or your house, Smoking while driving will be ticketable, and youll have to rent a special room from either the tobacco co. or the goverment to go and smoke in.

I guess ill end this rant by saying, yes I know its bad for my health, Yes I know it will shorten my life and makes my clothes stink, And i am completely all for stopping smoking in youths.
But the goverment has to make up its mind, is it legal or illegal. Give up the money train completely and stop milking the population and forcing them into corrals like cattle to smoke, or just say its legal and if you smoke your not covered by certain medical insurances.

Yes there should be seperate areas to smoke in I dont want to invade on someone elses right to not smoke, but dont invade on mine by saying there is no where in a two square mile area i can smoke in.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Someone slapped, kicked, tagged or something me this.

Considering I didnt do the last one I decided to this one just so I wouldnt have to hear I didnt do it.
5 things you love and 5 you hate keeping in mind I hate almost everything this was tough.

5 Things I Love
1. Coffee need I say more
2. Snow the deeper the better
3. Camping/fishing outdoor stuff
4. Collecting things anything (pack rat mentality)
5. Driving in thunderstorms

5 Things I Hate
1. People that have the left turn signal on and turn right
2. Cell phones in general if the call is that important stay home
3. People who are at the front of a store line and you see the total is $120.76 and they break out the penny rolls and loose change.
4. The news/media they need to pay less attention to who slept with who and who killed who , and maybe focus on wars,weather, and other news that actually makes a diffrence in peoples lives.
5. The amount of money football,baseball, and other sports people make annually compared to teachers, trashmen, and minium wage.

Too make certain people happy ill do the Quirky list too.
6 quirky things about me

1. I collect stuff anything (packrat mentality)
2 I have to do something right or it bothers me.
3 I talk and answer myself constantly which normally ends in an argument
4 I am a neat freak and a slob this causes alot of problems
5 I have a tendacy to smell everything before i eat it (i think this comes from when i was younger and drank milk, didnt notice the flavor but the chunks told me it was bad)
6 I sometimes look too deeply into things and miss the obvious.

Hopefully these are quirks.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who would of known?

This is in reference to the slide show below, which for some reason woudlnt allow me to comment in the same post with it.Otherwise it messed up the embedding for some unknown reason.
Anyhow, how many are you guilty of? C'mon you done atleast three.

Had to add this after I seen it, Some of my friends like animal pictures well... here is an animal picture. Keeping the topic the same Parenting! ;)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Middle East

Just days after reading the peace talks and both Israel and Palestine are back at it. I will open up my blog with something most people say not to talk about religion and government.
At this point I cant understand why U.S. and U.N. still think peace is possible in the middle east. These people have been at war for more then 1,000 years. Considering it seems to be mostly a Holy war with small amounts freedom,food related, and other just causes sprinkled in. As with most Religious Fanatics you cant talk to them all non believers must be thwarted. All the governmental heads of every country in the middle east could agree to peace , but you would still have independent Fanatics armed with missiles,guns and bombs throwing wrenches into the wheel peace. Much like the C.C.C.P Coup shortly after the socialist party decided to be more Democratic. If it was up to me I think I would pull all U.S. support military and humanitarian from the area and just let them get it over themselves. Of course this would lead to crude oil shortages in the U.S and others that decided to follow the action. Sadly in doing this alot of innocent civilians would loose life, but aren't they already? Of course this will been seen as a victory by them again much like when the C.C.C.P pulled out of the area.

I find it saddening to see our soldiers (our sons and daughters) dieing for something that is not attainable. The war in Iraq has cost $173 billion to date or more (number might be a tad old), not including on going cost of wounded and handicapped vets and money put back into the countries we bomb could easily triple or more that amount in the long term. That money would of been better spent in cancer cures and other research projects along with building up the defense and HLS. (homeland security matters)

Thanks to all the men and woman who put their lives on the line everyday, I might not agree with some wars but I always support the men and woman of the armed forced.

(p.s is this more interesting for you D?)