Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who would of known?

This is in reference to the slide show below, which for some reason woudlnt allow me to comment in the same post with it.Otherwise it messed up the embedding for some unknown reason.
Anyhow, how many are you guilty of? C'mon you done atleast three.

Had to add this after I seen it, Some of my friends like animal pictures well... here is an animal picture. Keeping the topic the same Parenting! ;)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Middle East

Just days after reading the peace talks and both Israel and Palestine are back at it. I will open up my blog with something most people say not to talk about religion and government.
At this point I cant understand why U.S. and U.N. still think peace is possible in the middle east. These people have been at war for more then 1,000 years. Considering it seems to be mostly a Holy war with small amounts freedom,food related, and other just causes sprinkled in. As with most Religious Fanatics you cant talk to them all non believers must be thwarted. All the governmental heads of every country in the middle east could agree to peace , but you would still have independent Fanatics armed with missiles,guns and bombs throwing wrenches into the wheel peace. Much like the C.C.C.P Coup shortly after the socialist party decided to be more Democratic. If it was up to me I think I would pull all U.S. support military and humanitarian from the area and just let them get it over themselves. Of course this would lead to crude oil shortages in the U.S and others that decided to follow the action. Sadly in doing this alot of innocent civilians would loose life, but aren't they already? Of course this will been seen as a victory by them again much like when the C.C.C.P pulled out of the area.

I find it saddening to see our soldiers (our sons and daughters) dieing for something that is not attainable. The war in Iraq has cost $173 billion to date or more (number might be a tad old), not including on going cost of wounded and handicapped vets and money put back into the countries we bomb could easily triple or more that amount in the long term. That money would of been better spent in cancer cures and other research projects along with building up the defense and HLS. (homeland security matters)

Thanks to all the men and woman who put their lives on the line everyday, I might not agree with some wars but I always support the men and woman of the armed forced.

(p.s is this more interesting for you D?)