Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Election time is getting closer the soap-opera gets good.

I love this time of year.
Some of the campaign commericals and debats are better then many of the esteemed SuperBowl commerical.
But in all honesty I rather hear what the real issues and plans are then what they did good or bad in last thirty years plus. From who gave the most in charities to who lied about what. Who is gay who wasnt in the military, and the all important who smoked pot but didnt inhale.
I havent heard a thing about bringing back US companies, plans on strengthening the dollar, universal health care, cheaper medications so the elderly dont have to decide to eat or take their heart pill, better treatment of Veterans medical and housing wise, educations complete overhaul which really needs to be done for the leader of the free world our kids are stupid compared to many countries. So many important topics and instead we hear Obama gives to chairty (he could of gave his 25 million campaign fund to a charity that would of been a real act of giving), Hillary's husbands adventures (not sure how her husbands adventures should reflect on her although if she dumped him to the curb it probably would of helped.), Mitt Romney is a Mormon (since when was religion a requirment to be president in a land where religious freedom is promoted?) and the list goes on.

There use to be but two requirements
1:One must also be at least 35 years old (although most seem to be 50+)
2:Only native-born U.S. citizens (or those born abroad, but only to parents who were both citizens of the U.S.)
There now seems to be a few more.
3:Need atleast 20 million dollars (fundraising anyone?)
Sen. Hillary Clinton ($26 million), Sen. Barack Obama ($25 million), Mitt Romney ($23 million) and Rudy Guiliani ($15 million). Poor Abraham never would make it today coming from a log cabin.
4: You need to taunt,make fun of, and try to destroy your rival utterly, so that even after the election their occupation and family life will never be the same.
So we seem to be stuck with older then 35 and normally out of touch with what is going on in the world today, and the cream of the rich who think four dollars a gallon for gas is normal, and milk should be equal to gas in value.
How nice it would be to see someone run for president and not run a smear campaign, have commericals that explain his position and thoughts on events, and is young and poor enough to understand what the country is really going thru and what is on the minds of the people.
So sadly when this election is over, we will return to watching what britney spears, and paris hilton are doing, and watching all the other violence on the news.
If only the Wigs had not formed the first party, then our goverment would of been party free as it was intended.


Delirious said...

If the "Governator" has any say, he will abolish the rule about having to be born in the US to be president. He is already trying to get that changed so that he can run in the future.

Delirious said...

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