Monday, February 4, 2008

Someone slapped, kicked, tagged or something me this.

Considering I didnt do the last one I decided to this one just so I wouldnt have to hear I didnt do it.
5 things you love and 5 you hate keeping in mind I hate almost everything this was tough.

5 Things I Love
1. Coffee need I say more
2. Snow the deeper the better
3. Camping/fishing outdoor stuff
4. Collecting things anything (pack rat mentality)
5. Driving in thunderstorms

5 Things I Hate
1. People that have the left turn signal on and turn right
2. Cell phones in general if the call is that important stay home
3. People who are at the front of a store line and you see the total is $120.76 and they break out the penny rolls and loose change.
4. The news/media they need to pay less attention to who slept with who and who killed who , and maybe focus on wars,weather, and other news that actually makes a diffrence in peoples lives.
5. The amount of money football,baseball, and other sports people make annually compared to teachers, trashmen, and minium wage.

Too make certain people happy ill do the Quirky list too.
6 quirky things about me

1. I collect stuff anything (packrat mentality)
2 I have to do something right or it bothers me.
3 I talk and answer myself constantly which normally ends in an argument
4 I am a neat freak and a slob this causes alot of problems
5 I have a tendacy to smell everything before i eat it (i think this comes from when i was younger and drank milk, didnt notice the flavor but the chunks told me it was bad)
6 I sometimes look too deeply into things and miss the obvious.

Hopefully these are quirks.


Delirious said...

You are such a conundrum. ;)

GoodyMom1 said...

"i am a neat freak and a slob" ... i hear ya bro